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Zircon fission track dating

The method relies on two separate decay chains, the uranium series from Pb) leads to multiple dating techniques within the overall U–Pb system.The term U–Pb dating normally implies the coupled use of both decay schemes in the 'concordia diagram' (see below).The longer the crystals are in the sediment, the more radiation is trapped.Before the crystals were buried in the sediment, they were carried along by rivers or wind.The more tracks there are, the longer the uranium has been decaying for.High temperatures remove the tracks from the crystal, so when the ash leaves the hot volcano, its fission track ‘clock’ is at zero.However, use of a single decay scheme (usually Pb) leads to the U–Pb isochron dating method, analogous to the rubidium–strontium dating method.

As these elements decay, radiation is trapped in the quartz and feldspar crystals.As the uranium decays, subatomic particles split away – this process is called fission.These particles leave tiny tracks in the crystal structure of the zircon, which geologists count using a powerful microscope.0.7 Myr), San Juan Mtns., Colorado, have been given to over 50 laboratories for fission-track dating. Nineteen laboratories have reported fission-track ages that they have determined for apatites. 10-17 yr-1 for the spontaneous-fission decay constant of 238U, report an average age for the apatite of 28.5??

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