Yoon eun hye and kim jong kook dating how to be accomodating

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Yoon eun hye and kim jong kook dating

Lee Ji -ah in "Seol-ryeon's Result", disguised as a florida. Jong Cultivation also appointed because of Eun Hye, sophistication for her, becoming matter, we all can see that.

This year marked the 18 years of Kim Jong Kook in Korean entertainment.

When the director of the MV heard that YEH was going to be in the MV, in order to encourage her, he suddenly thought of adding KJK who was only just visiting the set to be "YEH Man" in the MV. The first reception for honored guest and family happened at 3 pm.

The role was actually going to be given to a newbie, but when he thought that it would be a major talking point by putting KJK and YEH together, he decided to just add KJK into the casting which later created many headlines indeed. YEH was there but she sat at the bride's side .. The bride's side were so surprised to see that Yeh was already there before everyone else.

credit to coolsmurf for translations It does appear that the leads in this rumoured romance, KJK & YEH are going to appear in the MV afterall. KJK's brother's wedding was a private affair no media was allowed.

The both of them which came to prominence in XMAN and has always been the talk of the town by many, will be appearing together in Jong Kook new MV, "Saying I love You"Kim Jong Kook who is currently his national service doing civil work in Seoul, is unable to do any form of promotion, so it is left to Eun Hye to help him do promotion. Pictures of KJK at his brother's wedding reception According to our very reliable source who attended the wedding reception and wishes to remain anonymous...

The two of them started getting to know each other better and developed affections for each other.

Thus, they were named as the most competitive couple by Yoo Jae Suk.

was surprised and also disappointed by my fans who would stoop so low as to write anti comments about him (Kim Jong-kook)..

and to set the records straight, that person is by no means using me and my status as he himself is well established…I consider those who are close to me as being part of my people, and person is part of that!

and for you information, the reason why that person (KJK) didnt do anything straight away was because he thought if he did, it would create more suspicion over a trivial matter, which was also why we didnt do anything about those articles.

Apparently, she seem upset when she was not paired with Kim Jong Kook in games.

Other than this fan girl, there were a number of celebrities that were 'interested' in Kim Jong Kook. During Kim Jong Kook recent interview at Mnet, he revealed that he is still 'loyal' to his first love-line Yoon Eun Hye when he did the ideal type soccer match. Likewise, Yoon Eun Hye also revealed that her ideal type is Kim Jong Kook who is able to take care of himself very well.

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Yun Eun Hye who is unable to ignore her busy schedule comprising of Korean and overseas commmitments, but still she happily accepted the invitation to appear in Jong Kook MV which took place on the outskirts of Seoul. i thort they were taken when she was on her way to KJKs bros wedding.. Yeh arrived very early so she was there to help out at the occasion.

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