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In an attempt to attract the bartender’s attention, you lean in, clear your throat and say “excuse me…could I possibly trouble you for a pint of lager? You look around, and it dawns on you that every pair of female American eyes is resting on you, stood there, in your Ben Sherman button-up and tan chinos.

Turning to your left, the most attractive girl in the bar is slack-jawed in astonishment.

She realizes you’re looking, composes herself, and drawls that fateful phrase: It never actually happens though does it?

The hint of a British accent doesn’t really elicit a nationwide knicker-dropping for southern belles and West Coast worldies alike. It looks like they banter in hopes that women overhear or see the group and want to be a part of it.

British men would have better game in a more conversational environment, assuming these stereotypes hold true.” “If you have an accent, you automatically start at a 6 in America.

Na ondervraging en fouillering ontstond een schermutseling met de agenten.I am easy going love trying new things love going to haunted places or just sitting down on the beach somewhere watching the sun go down just want some one who Living in Worcester from Cardiff.It is a fantasy that has played out in the minds of young British men for generations.Hierop is de man aangehouden en naar het bureau gebracht.Een politiehelikopter is eveneens gevraagd om mee te zoeken.

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