Wii updating

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Wii updating

:| Oh, and any of you tools on the NDF(Nintendo Defense Force), I present you my middle finger. This is only about half of my Gamecube/Wii games that I own, the rest are in another similar box in the basement. If you download a homebrew application that somehow manages to fuck up your Wii because of a glitch in the code or (in an extreme scenario) malicious coding, you're screwing yourself over.

Your warranty was voided the moment you installed the Homebrew Channel. I have a laptop if I want to play emulated games on my television.

In facts, speedrunners found that playing on the older console, as opposed to the newer Nintendo Switch shaves a potential 31 seconds off the final time.

What's more, players also found that by playing the game in German, it also saved a further 10 seconds because of shorter cutscenes According to Nintendo Life this wouldn't be the first time a Zelda game played more efficiently in German, as was also the case with Twilight Princess.

According to the patch notes: "Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience,"Which doesn't really tell us all that much.

Thankfully someone has found the answer for Nintendo's "annoyingly vague" patch notes.

Hopefully we can find a work around, otherwise I have no use for my system anymore.

Not much is known about this update, only that it kills the latest version of Homebrew channel and leaves a question mark in the channel as a place holder.

"Oh, well I am just trying to save people the trouble or hassle of not being able to play games.I mean Wii games still run, but all of the indie stuff on homebrew no longer works. :(Uh, well last spring-ish (2009), I heard about this game Super Mario War Wii and I wanted to play it, so since you can't run anything on your Wii without this homebrew application that Nintendo does not release through retail or Wii Shop, you can't play it.And then I just loaded up all of my NES, SNES, Genesis and N64 games onto this game so I don't have to keep shuffling around my old consoles every time I want to play Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, Pilot Wings 64..Just asking because it sounds like I should not even have this?" BTW, why does it sound like you guys are crying about me installing homebrew software on my Wii console?

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Speedruns aside, the main game has also received a brand new Zelda: Breath of the Wild patch for Nintendo Switch and Wii U.

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