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Along Muslim and Orthodox Albanians, the city is also home to a substantial Greek minority.

Archaeological evidence points out, that during the Bronze Age the region was inhabited by populations that probably spoke a northwestern Greek dialect.Archaeologists have found pottery objects of the early Iron Age in Gjirokastër, which first appeared in the late Bronze Age in Pazhok, Elbasan County, and are found throughout Albania.The earliest recorded inhabitants of the area around Gjirokastër were the Greek-speaking tribe of the Chaonians, that belonged to the Epirote group. The high stone walls of the Citadel were built from the sixth to the twelfth century.The first mention of Albanian nomadic groups occurred in the early 14th century, where they were searching for new pasture lands and ravaging settlements in the region.These Albanians had entered the region and took advantage of the situation after the Black death had decimated the local Epirote population.

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