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Who is jacob dating

Those additional testimonies can be either the appropriateness of the particular holy day (such as 1 Birth for Peleg's birth), or from another sacred calendar (such as 1 Skull for Eber's death).

Why was Abraham so righteous when his father worshipped idols? Counting years from the Flood in 2343 BC, Noah died in about 1993 BC.

The clear intent seems to be that Terah was age 70 at Abraham's birth, and that he had two other sons named Nahor and Haran. Does it matter that we know Abraham's birth date to better than 60-year accuracy?

An alternate interpretation arises because immediately after the statement that Abraham's father died in Haran at age 205, it says that Abraham departed from Haran at age 75 (Gen. If one assumes that Abraham left immediately after Haran died, then Terah was 130 ( = 205 - 75 ) at Abraham's birth. To me, it is important to know which of the two alternatives is correct in order to know how the lives of the patriarchs overlap.

Looking 430 years later at the day 1 Birth on the Venus Calendar we note that there is only about a one in seven chance that it will also coincide with a Hebrew holy day.

So it is statistically significant that the day indicated for Eber's death, Mon BC, falls precisely on 1 Tishri (Trumpets, Hebrew).

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The principal tool we have discovered to determine an astronomically anchored chronology is the occurrence of rare alignments between the Hebrew and Venus calendars.

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