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Karen Brown At Christmas his junior year of high school, Steve sets out to find his birth parents, only to discover that his biological mother had passed away years before.

Al Brown When looking for Karen, Steve tracks her down to Al's diner only for him to divulge that Karen has passed away.

Just hanging with Uncle @ianziering and #Baby Beau... This is also a result of Kelly apologising to Steve for not being a better friend to him, when he realised he was adopted, as Kelly was the only person he told.Eventually, they grow closer and become great friends, to the point where Steve wants to start something up, but the timing is off as Kelly at this point is with Brandon.Beneath the posturing he struggles with the knowledge that he was adopted, his strained relationship with his critical father, Rush, and a lack of substantial relationships with his mother and friends.Once Steve meets Brandon, like Kelly, he quickly takes to the stable Walsh family and his friendship with Brandon provides him with a stability he had hitherto not known.

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Brandon stands by Steve through his crises and, at times, immature schemes that sometimes involve illegal activities.