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In this episode, she also begins her relationship with Lt.Randy Disher, with whom she had regularly had questionably flirtatious verbal banter. Monk and the End", it was shown that Randy and Sharona had found a home together in New Jersey. Monk is on Patrol, her relationship with Randy is fleshed out a bit more.In this episode she explained what she had been doing since she left.She meets Natalie Teeger, Monk's new assistant, and it seems that they are going to get along until it is revealed that Monk paid Sharona a week more than Natalie.Subsequently, Traylor Howard was introduced as Natalie Teeger, Monk's new assistant, beginning in "Mr. Sharona is mentioned again after her character left the show in "Mr.Monk Is On the Run (Part Two)", having sent flowers for the "deceased" Monk and flying in with Benjy to attend his funeral. Monk and Sharona, in season 8, in order to meet her lawyer about a lawsuit involving her uncle, Howard Fleming.She saved my life." The series started a while after she took the assistant's job, and just how she got it and what their early relationship was are never explained, although it is revealed that Captain Stottlemeyer originally engaged her as a nurse for Monk.When Monk becomes a consulting detective, It is revealed in the novel Mr Monk is on Patrol, that one of the criteria that the SFPD had for employing Monk as a consultant was that he had to have Sharona with him, in case he has a breakdown.

Monk and Sharona" In this episode, Sharona returns to San Francisco after the death of her little-known uncle Howard Fleming (which Monk believes, correctly, was murder).Monk Meets the Godfather"), several married men, and sometimes the very murderer who Monk is investigating.The seeming common denominator between these and many other men is a compulsive inability to be honest with her. Monk and the Red Herring", (season 3.10) it is revealed that Sharona had left to return to Jersey with her son, add that she had remarried her ex-husband, Trevor. Monk and Sharona", it is revealed that she and Trevor had divorced again, and that it was probably best for both of them.Sharona plans to return to work with Monk and thus results in open hostility between her and Natalie.Eventually, Monk discovers that Trevor had been framed for the murder.

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She takes up smoking after Monk reacts insensitively to her fear of elephants, telling her to "suck it up".