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Monk was in a catatonic state for three and a half years until Sharona began taking care of him.Monk was able to resume detective work and remarked, "When she found me, I was drowning.Monk and the 12th Man" is shown to have 100,000 miles.The counter says 99,999, prompting Monk to move the car forwards and backwards until the number is even while staking out Henry Small's house.In this episode, she also begins her relationship with Lt.Randy Disher, with whom she had regularly had questionably flirtatious verbal banter. Monk and the End", it was shown that Randy and Sharona had found a home together in New Jersey. Monk is on Patrol, her relationship with Randy is fleshed out a bit more.

Sharona drives a tan 1990 Volvo 740 GLE Wagon, which in "Mr.She saved my life." The series started a while after she took the assistant's job, and just how she got it and what their early relationship was are never explained, although it is revealed that Captain Stottlemeyer originally engaged her as a nurse for Monk.When Monk becomes a consulting detective, It is revealed in the novel Mr Monk is on Patrol, that one of the criteria that the SFPD had for employing Monk as a consultant was that he had to have Sharona with him, in case he has a breakdown.Sharona helps out, sometimes doing independent investigations and sometimes even using her sex appeal to get information that Monk cannot.She also does all kinds of things that Monk's OCD and phobias prevent him from doing as she has few such reservations herself. Monk Goes to the Circus," Sharona is revealed to have a fear of elephants, due to seeing a girl falling into an elephant pit when she was seven years old.

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Bitty Schram returned to play Sharona as a guest star in the season 8 episode "Mr.

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