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For newer Retina Mac Book Pros and Mac Book Airs don't have Ethernet ports, try to get adapters that allow you to plug in an Ethernet cable into one of the Thunderbolt ports. Generally speaking, a hardwired connection is a lot more reliable than a wireless connection, so it's always best to opt for Ethernet whenever you can. If it is possible, reinstall the original memory or drive into the computer to find out if the behavior persists afterwards. If your mac still won't start up after trying each of these steps, you may need to visit an Apple Store.

If your Mail upgrade is failed and the index is damaged you may need to move your Mail inbox to the desktop and try importing it. If you are using a notebook, the easiest fix is to close the lid for 30 seconds and try again.

You should start a Time Machine backup before you trying the solutions in the following. Within this folder select the following files: com.apple.airport.preferences.plist com.apple.network.identification.plist com.message-tracer.plist Network Interfaces.plist Preferences.plist 3. Changing Wi-Fi SSID (name), and/or Wi-Fi key and/or Wi-Fi security.

It's hard to offer a single solution to the El Capitan Wi-Fi issues. From the OS X Finder, hit Command Shift G and type in:/Library/Preferences/System Configuration/ 2.

This is temporary, but it will prevent you from holding the power button to force a restart.

Another way is to "disable sleep" so that the system remains stable.

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If you’re no longer using an app, you can delete these files to free up some space.