Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660

Posted by / 04-Dec-2017 16:40

Many Easy GPS users clear the memory in their Garmin each time after backing up in Easy GPS.

This gives them the maximum data storage for recording waypoints and tracklogs on their next adventure.

The FIRST Nuvi is about 6 months older than the second. BTW: I know these 660's are dated, however I am very happy with them.

The SECOND 660 has extras such as traffic, Safety Camera and a POI data base for vertical clearance. I even did a little housecleaning on the FIRST Nuvi, trashing the MINIMUMl amount of unnecessary data that I could find.

The old Nuvi 360 has only 2GB internal storage and does not support SDHC, which means it can only support up to 2GB external SD card.

Since the internal storage also has many system files that can not be reduced.

To do so you have to install maps on computer and than use Mapinstall to load maps.

Before I bought an i Phone, it had been a very useful tool for our travels. I know for a fact that the FIRST 660 (the one that would not accept the map update) I tried to update has LESS data on it then the SECOND 660, the one that took the update without a hitch.I tried the update via Garmin Express and Garmin Web Updater. (desperation ) I made multiple attempts at making the update. Thanks, Robert Huntington Beach, California My 660 has been only able to do USA proper (Instead of NA) for about 2 or even more years now. I have long since run out of memory/space on main drive to do even USA proper, even with help and extra voices & vehicles removed.Easy GPS is the free, easy way to upload and download waypoints, routes, and tracks between your Garmin nüvi 660 GPS and your Windows computer or laptop.Backup your favorite Garmin POIs, create and send new waypoints and geocaches to your GPS, or print a map of your GPS tracklog.

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