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A utility tool is available to assist you during this process.

For a general list of questions about Windows 10 and your Freedom Scientific software, see the Windows 10 FAQs.

This article explains the step-by-step procedure for applying the next fix pack level on VIOS by creating a copy of the current rootvg on an alternate disk and simultaneously applying fix pack updates.

This overview of the update process prepares an administrator for the tasks to be performed so that the VIOS migration to higher level can be as quick and easy as possible.

This updates the system while it was still running.

Rebooting from the new rootvg disk brings the level of the running system to

We suggest you continue using email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

For PDF documents, Microsoft recommends users install a third-party reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader 11 or Adobe Acrobat DC.

To change the default browser, do the following: For email, Microsoft recommends users of assistive technology not use the built-in email client at this time.This can be mitigated by creating a copy of the current root volume group (rootvg) on an alternate disk and simultaneously applying fix pack updates first on the cloned rootvg on a new disk.For example, updating VIOS to, clone a system, and then install updates to bring the cloned rootvg to a problem with the new VIOS level were discovered, changing the bootlist back to the disk and rebooting the server brings the system back to scenario would include cloning the rootvg and applying individual fixes, rebooting the system and testing those fixes, and rebooting back to the original rootvg if there was a problem.

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With IBM Power® virtualization, the VIOS plays an important role and all running VIOS client LPARs are fully dependent on the Virtual I/O Servers.

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