Updating disaster alert map

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Updating disaster alert map

Zooming into specific locations may produce misleading information.Please monitor official County of San Diego Updates or call 2-1-1 for specific emergency information such as road closures and evacuations.These sites are meant to assist visitors in their efforts to capture the latest information on current crises or improve their crisis readiness skills.Some have very practical applications in crisis management, while some are simply cool to interact with. Amber Alerts, HAZMAT threats, Forest Fires, Disease Outbreaks, Terrorism, Earthquakes, food or medical threats, even gang activity and drug interdictions, this extremely thorough service is a valuable crisis mapping resource.This site exists to keep you informed on the happenings at the OEM and on current EM news throughout the region, state and country.Our goal is to provide a valuable online resource for other emergency responders, the public and the media.

is launching a new feature for both Search and Maps today which is meant to give its users better information when a natural disaster or other crisis hits their area.(To view the most recent updates, a subscription is required.) The Pacific Disaster Center is an applied science, information and technology center whose aim is to reduce disaster risks and the impact to people’s lives and property.Its website includes forecasts and maps of potential disaster situations around the world, as well as resources to help crisis managers research and find solutions to their organization’s needs.Special icons mark danger zones on Google Maps, for example in case of an unfolding wildfire.In addition, Google Maps offers real-time updates about blocked roads and traffic obstructions.

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In Maps, Google will also pop up this information when relevant.

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