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This site exists to keep you informed on the happenings at the OEM and on current EM news throughout the region, state and country.Our goal is to provide a valuable online resource for other emergency responders, the public and the media.Development of this site is funded by a grant from the US Department of Homeland Security, administered by the State of Texas Governor’s Division of Emergency Management.is launching a new feature for both Search and Maps today which is meant to give its users better information when a natural disaster or other crisis hits their area.There are a good number of websites that offer crisis information or crisis management features.We’ve assembled a diverse group of interesting crisis sites for your disaster recovery planning. resource from the American Red Cross includes a detailed readiness assessment tool and an emergency response planner. UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction has created an interesting disaster preparedness game that is similar to Sim City and similar games.

Google Person Finder assists people reconnect with friends and loved ones; Crisis Map lists weather warnings and natural disasters and Public Alerts supplies the user with particular warnings such as an arising storm.

Its Global Hazards atlas provides an overhead view of crises and disasters world-wide.

Most recently used to assist with crisis management for Hurricane Sandy, Google’s crisis map tracks national and regional-scale crises related to “weather, hazards, and emergency preparedness and response” using an intuitive and user-friendly layered map.

The new update helps people in crisis and keeps them informed about relevant terrorist-attacks, natural disasters and other potential catastrophes.

Yossi Matias, VP Google Maps Engineering, states: “In times of crisis, access to timely, actionable information is crucial”.

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The Red Cross or the Federal Emergency Management Agency are just two of many examples.

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