Updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333

Posted by / 13-Apr-2017 09:59

i read on one forum that the (ud) was an earlier model to the 1333 and to download that bios.when i tried to run that through asus update it says "the model of bios image doesn't match the bios rom currently present". if so should i try and run it through EZ flash instead?You can now exit Win Image, you won't need it again 4. Now open your formatted USB key in Windows Explorer and copy your BIOS flash utility and your BIOS image to your key so they are available once you reboot.

hi, i just purchased an intel core 2 duo 3ghz processor which won't run on my MB without a bios update.

i read somewhere that it means underdeveloped, but i'm not sure.

i've made a copy of my bios, so should i just go ahead and try to EZ flash with the p5gc-mx/1333 bios?

it has socket775 and then there's a few different p5gc-mx models.

on my MB it just has p5gc-mx, but the asus update tells me it's p5gc-mx (ud).

updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333-32updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333-53updating bios for asus p5gc mx 1333-84

i can find the bios updates for p5gc-mx (fsb 1066), p5gc-mx/gbl and so on, but not one to match (ud).

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