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“A lot of people don’t understand the charm, character, and value of an original bathroom,” she says.

“If a bathroom still looks great and functions well after 40 or 50 years, why rip it out?

The Mid-Century Modern style's Some home buyers intentionally seek out pink bathrooms, praising them for their chic appeal and sturdy ’50s construction.

Kitsch fell in love with the all-original kitchen and bathroom in her 1954 Nashville ranch, which she bought in 2009.

Roberts is one of many who disparaged the classic pink bathroom of the 1950s, with its square ceramic tile, often with a sash of black around the top, and sometimes matching pink fixtures.

There's even a Pinterest board dedicated to remodeling—or removing—them.

Yet there is a small but growing movement to re-educate the public on their value and beauty.

Save the Pink Bathrooms is a website where retro enthusiasts can find resources while renovating, and encouragement to keep their pink bathrooms intact.

Now, when an unaltered midcentury home goes on the market, the original pink bathroom is often the first thing to go, making way for subway tiles and soaking tubs.

According to Smithsonian magazine, it wasn’t until the ’40s that women’s fashion started trending pink.

Some think the color promotes a kind of Botox-free face-lift, that whole rosy glow thing making you look better in the mirror.

“I wanted to do something that felt updated, but also appropriate for the age of the house,” she says.

As for Roberts, she eventually regretted her decision, enough to change her bathroom back.

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“Before the home hits the market, the Realtors have already told the seller that their home is worthless because they have a ‘dated’ bath.”Another issue: America may be hyperfocused on fixer-uppers right now, says Eartha Kitsch, a pseudonymous writer covering vintage houses for Mid-Century Modern fan site No Pattern Required.

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