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Template changes not updating

When you publish a form template that you have changed, Info Path can update both the form template (file) and any existing forms (files) that are based on that form template.By default, Info Path automatically replaces the older version of the form template with the latest version.To help ensure that you can access the data that you already collected from users, follow these guidelines when you make changes to your original form template: Suppose that you plan to make changes to a form template that is already in use throughout your company.If those changes include changing the form template's underlying data source, you need a way to efficiently update the previously published version of the form template, to help ensure that all users are using the updated version.What is even stranger is if I open the pages and I save the template it will update the opened pages but not any closed ones. Instead of explaining why let’s start backwards: assume you already want to start learning some template metaprogramming.You can choose the update method that you prefer for existing user forms.

We have released a new VSIX to the Visual Studio Gallery called the Prism Template Pack.Having said that, let’s learn some template metaprogramming!Be sure to report any issues you run into, and feel free to fix them and submit your PR.However, it is also possible to display a dialog box that prompts users to update the form template when a new version becomes available.The next time a user opens a form that is based on your form template, Info Path displays a dialog box that prompts the user to replace his or her copy of the existing form template with the new version. If the dialog box does not appear, then the data for the value Enable Auto Update Prompt is probably 0 (off) instead of 1 (on).

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In this scenario, when a user clicks one of the update links, Info Path simply stores the latest form template on the user's computer again.

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