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Single taken mentally dating harry styles

Mail Online have contacted Harry Styles' reps for comment.

Excitement: The 23-year-old has fans on the edge of their seats as he changed his Twitter and Instagram profiles to white squares and posted his cryptic snaps - his first in over six months on the photosharing platform The last time he shared three blank spaces he revealed his solo cover shoot for Another Man magazine, modelling three very different looks - drawing inspiration from the most iconic eras in modern music, the '60s, '70s and '80s.

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Jumping on the speculation bandwagon, his followers took to the mysterious posts in their thousands to comment on what the blank squares could possibly mean - although now it's clear. The handsome star's appearance set social media alight as many rushed to their Twitter feeds to share their excitement over the announcement just moments after his pal and bandmate Liam Payne, 23, revealed he had welcomed a baby boy with girlfriend Cheryl, 33 on Wednesday As the three pictures amass over a million likes in the space of an hour, one user commented underneath: 'The suspense, Styles. 'Before another fan posted: 'if the next picture you post isnt ur f***ing album cover I'm uninstalling'. 'I can't wait for the album gaaaaaaad it's of course wonderful'.

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Harry tucks into his snack as he walks with Taylor Playing happy families: Taylor Swift and her rumoured new boyfriend Harry Styles cuddle a friend's baby as they watch the Sea Lion's at the Central Park Zoo in New York Adding even more fuel to the 'are they, aren't they' confusion, the One Direction heartthrob reportedly picked up the blonde star, threw her over his shoulder and took her backstage following her rehearsal on the talent show while her mother looked on.

The official US X Factor Twitter page picked up on the romantic vibe, tweeting: 'Together in the lunch line (Cheeseburgers) laughing & smiling was @Harry_Styles & @taylorswift13!

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The music boss confirmed in an interview to Billboard on that the singer was very 'close' to releasing his first solo record - which he goes on to describe as 'authentic'.

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