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Silverlight service reference not updating

NET, Xamarin Studio, Xcode, Android Studio, Intelli J and Eclipse.

We plan on expanding on this foundation into adding seamless, typed, end-to-end integration with other languages - Add a feature request for your favorite language to prioritize support for it sooner!

For details on these options, please see the specific language wiki page.

Add Service Stack Reference is also moving beyond our growing list of supported IDEs and is now available in a single cross-platform .

Both return a boolean to indicate if the operation succeeded.

Top of page Common Types As you can see in the above code listings, both of these services use a common type which is shared between them, namely the Money type.

To achieve this feature WCF generates its client proxies using a remote services WSDL.Options for the generated DTOs can be changed by updating the commented section in the header of the file.Each language will have different options based on what is applicable to that language.You can find the source code for this article on the download page of this blog.If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment.

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Both of these common types (Money & Currency) use the same namespace ( for the data contracts of the types.

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