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The commission's chair is Catherine Lhamon, who oversaw civil rights under Obama's education department.Influenced by concerns about overpopulation, the counterculture of the 1960s and the societal effects of television, the play depicts a world of the future where a small elite control the media, keeping the lower classes docile by serving them an endless diet of lowest common denominator programmes and pornography.The play concentrates on an idea the programme controllers have for a new programme which will follow the trials and tribulations of a group of people left to fend for themselves on a remote island."But if everything is harassment, nothing is.” In a statement, National Education Association President Lily Eskelsen García said educators nationwide "are appalled that the Department of Education has decided to weaken protections for students who survive campus sexual assault or harassment.This decision offends our collective conscience and conflicts with the basic values of equality, safety, and respect that we teach our students every day." Eskelsen García called the proposed change "another example of a Trump-De Vos agenda that scorns respect for survivors, including Secretary De Vos’s own recent meeting with radical anti-woman activists and the president’s own recorded sexual assault confession during the campaign.” Sarah Warbelow, legal director for the Human Rights Campaign, said De Vos' announcement suggested "that she would prefer to take America back to a time when it was more difficult for survivors of sexual assault to receive justice.

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Educators, she said, have complained that the current system amounts in many cases to “kangaroo courts,” in which the rights of the accused are given short shrift unless they can afford to hire legal representation to pursue complaints.