Sex dating in pontiac michigan

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Sex dating in pontiac michigan

But a large black dog with blue eyes refused to leave.

In fact, the dog rose on its hind legs and gave Fortney an intimidating stare.

Relatives accused the first coroner of a cover-up, but the coroner claimed that he had misread the X-ray results.

Investigators have since reclassified Widlak’s case as an unsolved homicide, but they have had few leads.

By early October, there were still no signs of David Widlak.

Despite Lydia’s attempt to repair her marriage, Louis eventually moved out of the house and decided that he would divorce her.Noting that there were no signs of injuries on Widlak’s body, the medical examiner concluded that Widlak had committed suicide.However, Widlak’s family was skeptical and arranged a second autopsy.Settling in Detroit, Louis achieved great success by running a car dealership.The Thompsons became rich, and Louis was able to open up a laundromat for his wife to manage.

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Amazingly, the first autopsy had missed a bullet that was found in Widlak’s neck.