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After more than 20 years of marriage, however, the Thompsons began to drift apart. After hiring some detectives to follow her husband, Lydia discovered that Louis had been seeing a secretary named Helen Budnik.Despite Lydia’s attempt to repair her marriage, Louis eventually moved out of the house and decided that he would divorce her.For whatever reason, Widlak had bought a semiautomatic handgun several weeks before he went missing.Whether Widlak bought it for self-defense or because he felt suicidal has never been established.Settling in Detroit, Louis achieved great success by running a car dealership.The Thompsons became rich, and Louis was able to open up a laundromat for his wife to manage.As it turned out, Widlak had not been seen since leaving work the previous night.According to security footage, he had left the building around PM.

Investigators feared that the banker might have been the victim of foul play.

Mistaking the monster for an ordinary dog, one of the men tried to get it out of the log by jabbing it with a stick.

The men heard a terrible scream, and then the Dogman jumped out and scared them all away.

While he normally kept it in his office, the gun disappeared with him.

After almost one month of searching, Widlak’s decomposed body was found floating in a lake 6 kilometers (4 mi) away from his bank.

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Reportedly, Widlak was looking for new investors before his disappearance, leading some to suggest that his murder might have been connected to a potential business deal. v=Oj YJJl Sz O-c The Dogman, a cryptid variously described as a large dog that can stand upright or a dogheaded creature with a human body, has allegedly been spotted in the northern parts of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula since the late 19th century.

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