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Sex dating in halfway texas

REWARD: ,000 less Charles Leon Carr – Charles Leon Carr was born in New Jersey.In 1975, he was sentenced to 99 years in prison for ...more Santos Francisco Sanchez– Santos Francisco Sanchez was born in Brown County, Texas, and has primarily resided in the Tarrant County vicinity.He is a confirmed member of the Texas Syndicate gang.

He was also required to register quarterly as a sex offender.

While in prison, Carr took courses in air conditioning and refrigeration repair.

He has worked as an air conditioning repairman, machinist, data entry clerk and laborer.

During the offense, CARR forced the victim into acts of sodomy after physically threatening to smother her.

While in prison, CARR was disciplined for using foul language, not obeying orders, and leaving assigned areas without permission.

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In 1997, Carillo sexually assaulted a 4-year-old male child.