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In Python, strings are sequences of characters, and lexicographic comparison is used for *all* builtin sequence types, not just strings.I don't know what type your _weights function returns, but it looks like sequences, so barring something subtle the above is likely equivalent to the simpler: return cmp(_weights(a), _weights(b)) happening?In this case, I suggest avoiding __builtins__ by changing the way you import the conflicting name: import cmp file_cmp = # assign a local, non-conflicting name del cmp # get the jerk out of our namespace, unshadowing the builtin or by writing a trivial wrapper with a non-conflicting name: def file_cmp(f1, f2, shallow=1): import cmp # the import only affects this function's locals return cmp.cmp(f1, f2, shallow) 2.You're familiar with lexicographic comparison of strings (keep going "left to right" until finding unequal chars).In its latest version it carries that one more step, exactly as John Skaller suggests, using the Earley parser again to support pattern-based covering of the parse tree, where "Patterns are just trees linearized into prefix form, which use parentheses to denote subtrees". Arguing that there's a "social" component to the distinction between interpreted and compiled, and then arguing that it's what the 'developer does', not what the 'user notices', indicates a fondness for disputation in excess of any regard for relevance.

) password file for this to work (or get the source of htpasswd to find out how passwords are encrypted for use with .htaccess). From ovidiu at com Tue Sep 21 1999 From: ovidiu at com (Ovidiu Predescu) Date: Tue, -0700 Subject: Any good debuggers for Python?I have had a situation where an NP complete problem was being tackled in which the speed of Python was raised as an issue.Suggestions were made that the algorithm be rewritten in something faster like C.So that's the section to study if you want a deep understanding.if-you-want-a-shallow-one-read-"learning-perl"-ly y'rs - tim From philh at Fri Sep 3 1999 From: philh at (Phil Hunt) Date: Thu, 02 Sep 99 GMT Subject: And Now For Something Completely Similar !!!

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The module __builtin__ contains all the builtin functions compiled into Python.