Regular expression for validating email in php college guy and dating

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Regular expression for validating email in php

A significant portion of the group leans forward eagerly, wanting to learn more.

The others either roll their eyes in anticipation of hype and half-formed theories, or cringe in fear of a long, dry history of markup languages.

In layman’s terms, HTML is a presentation language, whereas XML is a data-description language.

For example, if you were to go to any ecommerce Website and download a product listing, you’d probably get something like this: Product One is an exciting new widget that will simplify your life. Cost: .95 This is such a terrific widget that you will most certainly want to buy one for your home and another one for your office! Take a good look at this – admittedly simple – code sample from a computer’s perspective.

ref_source=sitepoint&ref_medium=article-pushdown" bg_color="#262626" bg_pattern="" ga_event_label="maestro-670" / In this chapter, we’ll cover the basics of XML – essentially, most of the information you’ll need to know to get a handle on this exciting technology.It walks you through the process of building a fully-functional XML-based content management system with PHP.And all the code used in the book is available to customers in a downloadalbe archive.If you were presented with a list of these names and asked to provide a category that contained them all, it’s likely you’d say something like “female animals.” Furthermore, if I asked you what a lioness was, you’d say, “female lion.” If I further asked you to list associated words, you might say “pride,” “hunt,” “savannah,” “Africa,” and the like.From there, you could make the leap to other wild cats, then to house cats and maybe even dogs (cats and dogs are both pets, after all).

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A human can certainly read this document and make the necessary semantic leaps to understand it, but a computer couldn’t. Humans are much better at semantics than computers, because humans are really good at deriving meaning.