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To reinforce the importance of confidentiality, the comptroller of the General Post Office would stand at the gallery above the sorting halls to observe all postal workers and ensure none of the letters or mail were opened while being sorted .The life of postal workers back then was incomparable with postmen working at Singapore Post today.The Singapore stone was, unfortunately, destroyed by the British.

There were mail drops through which mail would fall to a band conveyor on the basement and dispatched up to the sorting room.

The fort was also said to be incapable of deterring any potential attacks from the sea, and had very low efficacy.

Following these criticisms, the fort was finally demolished in 1873 During the initial groundwork, excavations revealed the gun casements of the old Fort Fullerton.

The building had five founding tenants: the General Post Office, The Exchange, Singapore Club (now Singapore Town Club), the Marine Department, and the Import and Export Department (later the Ministry of Trade and Industry)..

The building was designed to utilize natural ventilation, thus has four internal air-wells to cool the interiors.

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The fort consisted of an Artillery Barrack, a house for the officers, barracks for soldiers and a 68-pounder gun guarding the entrance to the river which used to stand on the location known as Fullerton square.

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