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Professional athlete dating

If I had married for any other reason, especially because of some glorified image I had in my head of what it would be like to be a basketball wife, I would be horribly disappointed.

I hope teenage girls everywhere aim higher than becoming the future wives of professional athletes.

When you're married to a professional athlete, the sport literally impacts every single aspect of your lives.

For example, as newlyweds, my husband and I often discuss having children. To ensure that I delivered during the off-season so that he could be there to witness the birth of his first child, we would have to plan conception to the tee.

This season, we are living in Chiba, Japan, and the situation is exactly the same.

Without friends or family here, I've gotten to know myself better than I ever thought possible and watched more TV series from start to finish than a normal person would watch in a year.

We've missed holidays, weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduations, and countless other family events in the time that we've been away.

On top of that, the 14-hour time difference makes it difficult to keep in touch with friends and many of our relationships have suffered because of it.

My husband played in the NBA and the NBA D-League, and both come with their own stressors such as groupies, call ups (or lack thereof), trade deadlines, cuts and, again, being forced to spend a great deal of time alone because your mate is either traveling, training or mentally and physically exhausted.

I was alone when he went to practices and team events.

I was alone when he slept until the late afternoon on his (few and far between) days off because he was mentally and physically drained from playing two basketball games each week.

How about "future lawyer's wife," "future doctor's wife," or "future first lady?

" Or, even better, how about young ladies focus on getting stellar educations, eventually marrying people that they love unconditionally, and becoming the future athletes, lawyers, doctors and presidents themselves?

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I was also alone when he simply didn't feel like talking because he was stressed about his limited playing time or about a bad game.

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