Other methods of anthropological dating

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A surprising number of other materials may be mistaken for bone on first glance, especially if they are covered with dirt or other substances.Ceramic shards, plastic, wood fragments, rocks, small bits of concrete can all be mistaken for bones or bone fragments.It is the anthropologist's job to address the comingling and determine which individuals are represented by which bones. Establishing the number of individuals is very important, especially if the case involves a crime.Multiple individuals may be killed together or separate victims may be dumped in the same place over a longer period of time.As specialists in the study of human remains, anthropologists are often called upon to distinguish ancient burials and remains from modern deaths of forensic significance.If a set of remains is determined to be archaeological, the cultural group most closely associated with that burial is notified so the remains can be handled in an appropriate manner.

When the remains of two or more individuals are mixed together, this is called "comingling".Identifying unknown individuals is a key part of forensic anthropology.Anthropologists assist in identifications primarily by constructing a biological profile.All mammals share a generalized skeletal template, meaning they all have the same bones in roughly the same locations: a skull, spine (which ends in a tail), ribs (which support the internal organs), and four sets of limb bones.However, the shape of the bones and the way they relate to each other, differ between animals.

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