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While recycling an ex over the holidays is common, the feelings after the holiday party euphoria have worn off, or after the post-sex hormones diminish again, will leave you in a worse place emotionally than if you were spending time with friends or trying to cultivate a new relationship.It's Peak Season for Online Daters The good news is that more singles are signing up for dating sites between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day.

Your heart will fall to the floor when they delete their profile, assuming they've ridden off into the sunset with someone else.Think of it as meeting new friends at the holidays and enjoying the company of someone you like, not necessarily someone you're about to fall in love with.Online Love is a year-round event People meet online and fall in love all year long.Add a digital element to it of being connected via email, Facebook, or Twitter and it's magnified big time.Online Dating Anxiety Disorder (ODAD) is overwhelming.

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All you can control is how you feel about it and what you'd like to do to add more positive people in your life.

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