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Some of these servers dated back months, providing chat logs and images stretching into 2017, and concern the U. More granular chat rooms on the Discord server then specify a particular region or perhaps university.Some are even dedicated to specific, named women, with multiple users tracking down whatever images they can, with some indications that the offenders know the victims in real life.On Anon-IB, which was intertwined with the nude-celebrity leaks of 2014, posters are now sharing links to dedicated Discord servers.“Discord is where it’s at,” one Anon-IB user wrote on the site recently.Although Discord’s terms of use ban the spread or promotion of revenge porn, The Daily Beast quickly accessed just under 10 rooms sharing a mix of images of women lifted from social media and other websites, as well as a wealth of apparently non-consensually shared, explicit images. Other servers, which The Daily Beast did not access, appear to be focused on other European countries, such as Norway and Denmark.Lay a foundation you can depend on, with our affordable hosting packages, professional email options, and the SSL certificates your customers expect.Award-winning customer service is available 24/7/365. Shop our Apps section for powerful tools that help your business move forward: Weebly, Google Apps, analytics, SEO help, traffic boosters, etc.Whats App uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family.

No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out. --------------------------------------------------------- We're always excited to hear from you!Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges.* • SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN?Whats App works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book.Many of the Discord users originate from infamous revenge-porn site Anon-IB, and have set up these chatrooms with the deliberate intent of more easily sharing and finding new images. They just make new ones,” Mia Landsem, a professional taekwondo athlete and activist who infiltrates the offending Discord communities, told The Daily Beast.Landsem also shared screenshots indicating that other Discord servers are focused specifically on spreading videos of rape and serious abuse.

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It also appears some Discord users may be hacking their way to access explicit photos of victims. K.-focused server asked for help phishing, or stealing targets’ passwords.