Michelle davis dating

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Michelle davis dating

He becomes obsessed with her and begins stalking her, even showing up at her workplace and hiring somebody to do a thorough background check on her, allowing him to send her gifts reminiscent of her life as Michelle.Eventually, he helps get her former stalker Ray released from a psychiatric facility, with the intent of going after Beth together, although his endgame plan is unknown.Lieutenant Beth Davis (born Michelle Webber) is a main character on the hit TV series, Stalker.She works for the LAPD's threat assessment unit, and comes into conflict with the new transfer to her unit Jack Larsen. Beth is a Los Angeles detective and the head of the Threat Assessment Unit, whose job is to investigate stalking threats and act against stalkers.Beth recovers and heads after Judith and Thomas, who has now locked himself in the room.When Judith finds another way in, Beth and Jack barge into the room to find Judith holding a knife over the boy. - Beth did not like Jack to begin with, but she arranged for him to tail her to get used to how things work in T. U, and she realized quickly that he is adept at his job and began to grudgingly respect him for it.Janice becomes a fiercely loyal and protective friend to Beth, investigating Perry on her behalf and even goading him into attacking her so that she can get a full search warrant on him.She also comes up with the idea of trading off keeping Beth company in her house so that she feels safer.

- Although Beth originally has only a very professional relationship with any of her detectives, it is Janice she goes to when she is in trouble - "I need your help." "You got it." Prior to this Janice was the first to notice that Beth was acting out of character, and expressed concern for her wellbeing, telling her that even though they were not 'friends', she cared and wanted to help.

She was born Michelle Weber, and changed her name after her entire family was killed in a fire started by her former boyfriend, Ray.

As such, Lieutenant Beth Davis did not exist until she joined the police academy 12 years ago and she has no birth records under that name, meaning that her current boss had to push her background check through the academy.

She talks to Hannah about her boyfriend, and finds out she is dating a 28 year old guy.

Victor (the boyfriend) tells her there was someone outside.

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Michelle sniff test — you may want to ask Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller.

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