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If you listen closely, men will tell you where they’re at.

A lot of them will drop hints about: “I want to settle down”; or “it’d be nice to have a long-term partner.” Whereas somebody who’s in flux will tell you they’re works in progress (which we all are).

Men are kind of stuck in that norm, where they have to provide. The guys who were not settled or didn’t know where they were going to be, didn’t know if they could provide, were very skittish about making a firm commitment or going in that direction. Why does that sense of men wanting to be a provider still exist when so many couples expect that both partners will be working? There was recent Pew research that looked at what men and women thought the societal pressures were for men and women.

[ Men, please stop yelling in your dating-app profiles. The vast majority put being a provider and career success at the top for men.

Individually, you can kind of decide what’s worth your investment and how to structure your time wisely. He’s so skittish.” But a lot of the women learned that they had to be patient and work through it on an individual level with these guys who were putting so much pressure on themselves to provide, which I thought was really great.

There were a lot of women in my book who ended up dating men who all their friends and family said: “Don’t do it. A lot of that comes down to really looking for things that you like in someone and maybe being patient with someone who’s not fully there yet but you see potential there.

When it’s impressed upon boys and men subconsciously, I think by the time they get older they’re not even fully aware that these are the pressures they have or where they came from.

Lisa Bonos: How did you decide that this was the question you wanted to interrogate?

Jenna Birch: There’s a lot of survey data that said men were really into these smart career women.

That was a big guiding question from the beginning.

And then Lora Park had research that came out in 2015 that showed psychological distance matters a lot. Birch: “Psychological distance” has to do with when you’re thinking about something as an abstract concept.

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For years my single girlfriends and I have been told by the men we date: .

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