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is dating businessman Jeremy Globerson, the California native tells Us Weekly.The two have been dating since 2012 and attended the 6th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Jersey City, New Jersey, June 1.The 30-year-old reality star and entrepreneur was in a serious relationship with boyfriend Scott Hochstadt.The duo was in a live-in relationship for two years and fans had speculated that they might soon get married!So it’s easy to forget not everyone who signs up to have their lives exposed to the world will end up like Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner.

After taking a blood test, she discovered that she had severe deficiencies of Vitamin B12 and Vit. She suffered many symptoms including anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, panic attacks and so on.“So when all of this started, I went to college anyway. “I don’t think in this day and age you can look at reality TV and consider it to be a lifelong career. You can’t make enough money doing this — unless you’re a Kardashian — to live well for the rest of your life.You have to have a trade or a skill.” And it’s not just that it’s rare to turn your 15 minutes into a full-time career, she says, but also the difficulty of overcoming the “stigma” attached to being on “unscripted” television.From the Kardashians to the recently-engaged Ben Higgins, many of today’s biggest stars had their (relatively) humble beginnings on reality TV.NEWS: Kristin Cavallari Dishes Major Laguna Beach Secrets!

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