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What is the best way to do this without dedicating an entire computer? I presume you are using a USB webcam, so that won't work, you need a camera with a video output not USB, otherwise you'll need some sort of device (computer/tablet) to convert from USB to video (HDMI, composite etc).

I thought I could plug a regular USB webcam into the USB port of the LCD, but my initial research tells me that that won't work, since the USB port is usually just for accessing media (photos/videos). Or get a android TV stick which the webcam will work with (trial and error).

There's a retracting shield which covers the camera when not in use.

I have one (my sister worked at Cisco and got one for our parents, which I inherited as random broken tech gear when Cisco shut the service down).It's got a horizontal bracket extending behind the camera which lets it sit flat on top of the TV, and a vertical bracket underneath the horizontal one which slides against the back of the TV to keep it from tipping.Here's the best picture of the camera that shows this I could find online: So yeah video quality will be better with a 1080p camera.But after that it'll work fine as a (somewhat bulky) 1080p camera.The mount is designed to perch atop a flatscreen TV, so you could probably nail a 2x4 spaced about 6 inches away from the wall up near the ceiling and mount the camera on that.

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It’s got a night-vision mode powered by eight infrared LEDs.

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