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Labour ought to be honest, however, about where the burden would fall, which is on everyone: the customers and employees of companies, and their shareholders, who are often pension and investment funds owned by the many not the few.

And the important thing is what a Labour government would spend it on.

The costings document produced by Mc Donnell alongside the manifesto puts aside £4bn a year to abolish the bedroom tax and restore some cuts to disability and housing benefits, only £2bn of which would go to raise Universal Credit.

For all that Corbyn’s supporters have built their worship on despising Tony Blair for failing to challenge Tory inequality, they are now selling a programme that promises to take from the poor and to give to the upper-middle income brackets.No one should be brought up in that goldfish bowl life. Paxman should have said to Corbyn: You claim to be a socialist, and to care about poverty; why aren’t you promising to do something about it?What is extraordinary about the Labour manifesto is that a politician who has made so much of the gap between the rich and the poor proposes to do so little about it.That would have a much greater effect in widening the gap between rich and poor than any tinkering with taxes on the better-off would have in narrowing it.And yet there is almost nothing in Labour’s manifesto about it. One is to freeze benefits (except disability benefits and pensions) in cash terms for four years, which means that inflation will cut their real value.

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Jeremy Paxman had an odd line of questioning in his interview with the Labour leader on Monday.

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