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Despite the media coverage of the dating affair of the duos, Isabel keeps the relationship inside her closet.This is why people suspect whether the dating affair will really evolve into a married status.“[When James received his award] Isabel got a huge smile on her face.

Isabel is more concerned with her career, studies, travel, and research.But the actor did not confirm who he was seeing, and this portion did not make it into the online version of the article. It’s not like I went out and had to buy a Ferrari or anything like that.The Daily Mail goes on to insist that Franco's newest flame is Isabel Pakzad, who they believe he's been seeing since June of this year or so. She's an LA-based TV publicist, who was once spotted getting coffee with Franco back in July. But if Franco confirmed that he was seeing someone for the last four months in October, it does fall within the proper timeline. It was more about re-prioritising and figuring out what was meaningful.Media captured Isabel Pakzad applauding James Franco in West Hollywood during an Indie Wire Honors show on November 2. On the day, the source saw Isabel with Franco’s brother Dave while Franco was on stage to receive the felicitations.“Isabel hugged Dave and hung out with him for a while and they seemed chummy, very close,” the source told .

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