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Is jeannie berlin dating bud cort

with Vanessa Redgrave), a Best Director nominee at the Cannes Film Festival; with a screenplay by Robert Stone, from his novel "Dog Soldiers; shot in rural San Joaquin County, mostly at a park along the Stanislaus River, and the Sierra foothills; first of two films (48 Hours in 1982) that Nolte made in Stockton; Haid was here in 1974 to film Remember When; cast and crew stayed at the downtown Holiday Inn on what is now the Weber Point Event Center; when a Stockton Record reporter called asking for the company press person, the man who answered tried four times to find her, apologized and said he would take a message; when the reporter said he was trying to set up an interview with Michael Moriarty, the man exclaimed this is Mike Moriarty!PURPLE HAZEPETER NELSON, CHUCK MCQUARY Drama about a college dropout who goes from the Vietnam war back to his home town during the turbulent 1960s; David Burton Morris directed a cast of unknowns in scenes shot at University of the Pacific and in Stockton neighborhoods.BJ AND THE BEAR GREG EVIGAN, CLAUDE AKINSPilot for a television series about a guitar-playing trucker who travels with a chimpanzee and helps young women flee a white slaver who is also the local sheriff; shot in various Stockton locations; second of two films (Porgy and Bess in 1959); visiting Stocktons Pollardville Palace Theatre one night, Akins struck up a conversation with D. Landingham and James Walsh, both of Stockton, and for the remainder of the shoot invited them to the set, where the genial Akins would pose for pictures for all who sought them and wear an apron to help serve meals to the cast and crew. TOM SKERRITT, STEVE FORREST, HARRY MORGAN, DIANA MULDAUR, DABNEY COLEMAN, PAT VAN PATTEN, WHIT BISSELL, G. SPRADLINManeating tigers are inexcuseably let loose near a small California town in this made for televison movie written by Robert Lenski, directed by Timothy Galfas and photographed on locations in Stockton and mostly Isleton; Carl Parker of Stockton, cast as a county coroner without a name, was given one by Skerritt: Carl; the likeable Skerritt also appeared in such mainstream movies as The Turning Point, Alien and Steel Magnolias; in an odd coincidence, Skerritt also starred in Robert Altmans profane independent comedy M*A*S*H while Morgan was a regular on the long-running television version of it.1979FRIENDLY FIRECAROL BURNETT, NED BEATTY, SAM WATERSTON, TIMOTHY HUTTON, FORD RAINEY, DAVID KEITH, KEVIN HOOKS, DENNIS ERDMANAcclaimed television drama directed by David Greene and based on C. MORE AMERICAN GRAFFITIRON HOWARD, BO HOPKINS, CANDY CLARK, CHARLES MARTIN SMITH, HARRISON FORD, CINDY WILLIAMS, SCOTT GLENN, ROSANNA ARQUETTE, PAUL LEMAT, MACKENZIE PHILLIPS, COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD, NAOMI JUDD, WOLFMAN JACK, MARY KAY PLACE, DELROY LINDOModesto-born writer, producer and director George Lucas (Star Wars) co-wrote this unsuccessful sequel to his breakthrough hit American Graffiti in which the original teenage characters, based on the youthful Lucas and his friends, come of age in the Vietnam war era; certain segments filmed in the Stockton area because they looked more like Modesto in the 1960s; Hopkins made The Moonshine War in Stockton in 1970 and Place was here for Bound for Glory in 1976.1979SWIM TEAMJAMES DAUGHTON, JENNY NEUMANN, STEPHEN FURST, RICHARD YOUNGExploitational comedy about whacked-out teenagers in speedos and bikinis, including the character Flounder from Animal House and an appearance by the former king of the the B-movies, Buster Crabbe, who made three more bad movies and died; apparently unwritten (no writer is credited) and certainly invisibly directed by the producer-director James Polakoff, the first of two films (The Vals in 1988) he filmed here; shot partly at the old Moores Riverboat in the Terminous area and a mile upstream on the Mokelumne River at Perrys Yacht Harbor.REMEMBER WHEN JACK WARDEN, ROBBY BENSON, TIM MATHESON, ROBERT MIDDLETON, CHARLES HAIDA serio-comic family homefront story about small-towners toughing it out during World War II, a television pilot that never made it to series status; directed by Buzz Kulik, Emmy Award-winner for Brians Song and other popular or acclaimed TV shows and series; first of two films (Raid on Entebbe in 1977) made here by Warden, for some reason unpopular with many on the set; the kindly Middleton and Paul Newman made their movie debuts together in 1954 in The Silver Chalice, after which William Wyler directed Middleton in The Desperate Hours (Newman made Cool Hand Luke and Wyler directed The Big Country in Stockton); Matheson, who with John Belushi became movie stars in Animal House, now plays the U. Vice President on televisions The West Wing; first of two films Haid made in Stockton (Wholl Stop the Rain in 1978); shot in various Stockton neighborhoods and at a vanished North California Street butcher shop where, in the movie, the teenage Benson worked for butcher Middleton and where folks with ration books lined up, including Stockton actresses Frankie Parker, Rose Silvani and a turban-clad Coraleta (Franks) Rogers, who uttered the films choicest line: That chicken is mine!1976NICKELODEONBURT REYNOLDS, RYAN O'NEAL, TATUM O'NEAL, BRIAN KEITH, JOHN RITTER, STELLA STEVENS, HARRY CAREY JR, EMMET WALSH, JACK PERKINS, GEORGE GAYNESRomantic comedy about the early days of silent moviemaking, written and directed by Peter Bogdanovich, photographed by Laszlo Kovacs; in 1973 Bogdanovich also had directed the ONeals (father and daughter) in Paper Moon, for which Tatum became the youngest person to win the Academy Award as Best Supporting Actress; Ritters father, country-western singer Tex, sang Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin in High Noon, shot in the Mother Lode in 1952; first of two films that Walsh (Bound for Glory) and second of three that Carey (The Moonshine War and Back to the Future, Part III) made in Stockton; with Carl Parker, Ron Stein and Bill Riddle, all of Stockton; Ryan ONeal complained to the director that Riddle was stealing their brief scenes together; Bogdanovich responded by writing extra scenes for Riddle, keeping him on the company payroll for a total of six weeks.The thief has taken their rent money and their Christmas presents for friends and family.Craig and Day-Day go on a mission to get their stuff back.

DELTA COUNTY, USAROBERT HAYS, MORGAN BRITTANY, LOLA ALBRIGHT, PETER DONAT, JOANNA MILES, SANDY MCPEAKMany scenes shot in the San Joaquin Delta for this television drama about life in a small southern town dominated by generational barriers and political intrigue, directed by Glenn Jordan, who directed Jessica Lange and Alex Baldwin in a television adaptation of A Streetcar Named Desire and numerous Hallmark Hall of Fame specials; written by Thomas Rickman, who later wrote the Emmy Award-winning teleplays for Truman and Tuesdays With Morrie; first of two movies (Eye on the Sparrow in 1987) that Mc Peak would make in the Stockton area; three years later Hays would star in his breakthrough comedy Airplane!


DOROTHY MALONELost or largely unseen film, locally almost legendary, about a sexually abusive relationship between a white spinster schoolteacher and a young black janitor in a small Kansas town in 1956; directed by Marvin Chomsky from a script by Polly Platt, based on the only novel by playwright William Inge; Malone had won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Written on the Wind in 1957 and Blakely would be nominated for one in Nashville in 1975; because of explicit sex scenes shot later elsewhere, it was seen briefly in Hawaii but never commercially released on the mainland; filmed at the old El Dorado School (Pacific Avenue at Harding Way) and at other central city sites; Stocktonians Coraleta (Franks) Rogers was Vaughns nurse in a scene in a Manteca doctors office, Stockton Record reporter Stanley Klevan (covering the shoot) was a customer in a Stockton coffee shop and young Ian Osborn Parker was a piano playing prodigy at the Lodi Womans Club, where Nancy Kahns Tokay High School drama students served as extras. Bryan's true account of middle-class parents seeking the cause of their son's death in the Vietnam war; teleplay by Bryan and co-producer Fay Kanin; filmed at O. Monument (with Stocktonian Bill Riddle as a stonecutter), Stockton Metropolitan Airport and other Stockton locations; Burnett drew a crowd when she darted into a supermarket, to the chagrin of her companions; nominated for seven Emmy Awards, winning for Best Director, Sound Editing, Music Composition and Outstanding Drama (Burnett, Beatty and Kanin also were nominated); following the films air date, Hutton appeared in a supporting role in "Ordinary People," for which he won an Academy Award the following year; in the cast were Stocktonians Carl Parker, who has a line in front of a Waterloo Road grocery store; and Frankie Parker, who has an airport scene in which she greets her live son as the casket of Burnetts son rolls by (Burnett reacts to her, but the scene was not used in the film).

1970THE MOONSHINE WARRICHARD WIDMARK, ALAN ALDA, TOM SKERRITT, HANK WILLIAMS JR, PATRICK MCGOOHAN, WILL GEER, HARRY CAREY JR, BO HOPKINS, TERI GARR, JOHN SCHUCKRichard Quine directed this comedy about feuding hillbillies and their illegal brew, adapted by Elmore Leonard, later to become a best-selling detective novelist, from his picaresque novel; Williams sang Ballad of the Moonshine on the soundtrack; many outdoor scenes filmed in the Farmington area and the Sierra foothills, which had turned brown while cast and crew procrastinated and had to be spray-painted green; Schuck, an American Conservatory Theatre actor in San Francisco and a veteran of three Robert Altman films (he had just finished Mc Cabe and Mrs.

Miller), that same year would play with Skerritt in Altmans M*A*S*H; first of two movies made here by Skerritt (Maneaters Are Loose!

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(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Film Magic)Release Year: 2002Written by Ice Cube Directed by Marcus Raboy Starring Ice Cube, Mike Epps, John Witherspoon, Don “D.