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About 118 years after the flood in 2230 BC, the first Chinese ruler of the Hsia dynasty built a three-tiered Temple of Heaven to the triune God that still exists in splendor today, although the Chinese do not remember the purpose of it, for many centuries the emperors recited a prayer very much like the first chapter of Genesis.

The Chinese writing in its English translation goes something like this:"Of old in the beginning there was great chaos without form and dark.

Emissions over the Middle East is illustrated Levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere stood at around 278ppm before the Industrial Revolution, a concentration which the e World Meteorological Organisation said represented a natural balance on Earth.

In 2015, for the first time, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were at 400 parts per million (ppm) on average across the year as a whole, the World Meteorological Organisation's (WMO) annual greenhouse gas bulletin reveals.

Covering an area of 2,730,000 square meters, it was the site on which the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties annually offered sacrifices to God.

That is 778 million tons (706 metric tons) or 2.3 per cent more than the previous year, despite increasingly urgent warnings over the need to curb greenhouse gases Experts said at current rates the 'quota' for the total amount of carbon dioxide that can be released into the atmosphere without pushing the world beyond 2°C of warming could be used up within 30 years.The longest established greenhouse gas monitoring station in the world, at Mauna Loa in Hawaii, predicts carbon dioxide concentrations will stay above the symbolic 400ppm for the whole of 2016 and reach new highs.Atmospheric carbon dioxide has reached a historic threshold as levels remain above 400 parts per million – the point in which values typically drop to their lowest.Many of the Chinese words are Chinese symbols that describe the events in Genesis.For example, the Chinese symbols for 'gate' is similar to two cherubim guarding the entrance to the Garden of Eden (Genesis ).

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The IPCC has predicted that few areas will be left untouched by the impacts of climate change, which they say will include increasing levels of extreme weather events such as heatwaves and snow storms More than half of proven fossil fuel reserves may have to stay in the ground if governments are serious about a promise made in 2010 to limit a rise in average temperatures to 2°C (3.6°F) above pre-industrial times, the Global Carbon Project report by leading research institutes said.

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