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How to stop dating a guy

[Read: 9 reasons your ideal man wish list isn’t working out for you] Which guys should you avoid dating?

These guys are constantly looking for the next best thing: the next house to flip, the next stock to invest, and this means that they have a habit of looking at relationships the same way. It doesn’t matter if he lies to you about eating lunch, or about hanging out with friends, the point is he still lies.This is the guy who thinks he knows everything, and is always right.This is possibly a nerd who is obsessed with some esoteric scientific topic, and it’s hard trying to even have a normal conversation.So when you come across them, just run the other way lest they heap their issues onto you. Have you been wasting your time dating a guy who literally can’t do anything without talking to his mom first?It’s fine to be close with your family, but if the guy can’t seem to make a move without his mommy’s approval, steer clear!

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And what if she is totally cool with doing his laundry, cooking for him, and hooking up?

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