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Not to mention the piece about the husband who used garden shears to cut off the penis of a man he suspected was fooling around with his wife (and then flushed it down the toilet).But based on what I read, I really don’t know that’s true,” said Bull, sitting in a bar in Kabukicho, the heart of seedy Tokyo, not far from his office.

There are thousands of real-time stocks and indices available.For example, if he says that he loves pulling your “black” hair, you have to remember not to mention your “red” hair if you are a redhead.Therefore, when they call, they are impressed that I remember what they like and what they look like.As people using the internet, we’re increasingly becoming reliant on our smartphones and tablets.The processing power that can be packed into a mobile device means that a responsive, real-time app can now be developed for virtually any possible application.

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Bull has created a site that, as its tagline says, delivers “salacious news on crime and culture.” Think of a hybrid of the National Enquirer, the New York Post and Penthouse.