Harrison ford anne heche dating self liquidating bilateral lines

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Harrison ford anne heche dating

Here are the first wives of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars.

There was actually a time when Michael Douglas was married to someone other than Catherine Zeta-Jones.

When it comes to celebrity marriages, some of the richest and most successful actors have walked down the aisle more than once.

Sure, you can name who they’re married to now, but can you recall who they used to be married to?

More so now.” Howard Sternesque fantasies aside, industry insiders see two very different outcomes: · The worst-case scenario.

After all the hype, the biggest danger De Generes faces is that her show will be canceled — not because she’s gay, but because was waning and that the April 30 episode brought it back.

”If it becomes sort of a joke that this woman is having a romance with Harrison Ford, then it will be a problem.” One female studio exec is more blunt: ”Knowing too much ruins the fantasy.There’s no doubt that Ellen De Generes and Anne Heche are the hottest couple in Hollywood — at least this week. What happens careerwise for the pair now that both women have acknowledged they’re romantically involved?(Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Hollywood is of two minds about the issue.Still, it’s been awkward to watch the scriptwriters strain to make it all work for Ford, with the self-deprecatory age wisecracks scripted carefully in.Hollywood Homicide finally gave up on even that, putting him in a cockeyed patrolman’s hat and having him chomp donuts in bed for jokey Mature Congress with Lena Olin. Karen Allen was born in 1951, was grand in the original Raiders of the Lost Ark (don’t get us started about Kate Capshaw), and has a whole different post-Raiders career from Ford.

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Our hopes aren’t high (to be frank) for the new Indiana Jones movie, but they’re high for Ms.

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