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”When a studio executive is risking , , or million,” says entertainment lawyer David Colden, ”he or she is often unwilling to risk that the public [won’t] care about the private life of an actor.” Adds Colden: ”The truth is, it will probably affect her future casting….

There’s an irony that in an industry filled with powerful homosexuals, some open and some closeted, decisions are still made based on an actor’s private life.” · The best-case scenario.

Harrison Ford was born in 1942, so he’ll be straining the actuarial charts as a swashbuckler in this summer’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

For the last few years she’s been ignoring Hollywood entirely and making some very nice scarves in western Massachusetts.casting director Tammy Billik says the series will not become an ”Ellen dating game.” Adds gay activist Chastity Bono: ”It’s not a show that will be just appealing to gay people.Harrison Ford‘s krazy-hair appearance at the Oscars has us thinking about his leading-man status.When grilled about ‘s opening, Mechanic noted that he couldn’t see any downside to their star’s relationship with De Generes.Chernin chimed in jokingly: ”Well, [Bill] doesn’t have a crush on her anymore.” Mechanic kiddingly disagreed, saying ”More so.

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More so now.” Howard Sternesque fantasies aside, industry insiders see two very different outcomes: · The worst-case scenario.

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