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Gisele pascal dating

This rumored fling allegedly took place in 2007, according to E! The two were spotted "making out in front of everyone" at a bar in Hollywood, which fueled romance rumors.

Grace's father forced her to break it off before he embarked.In 2014, Evans reportedly told British Glamour , I want to get married, though I want children — to me that's the ultimate thing.When you're old and on your death bed, looking back at your life it's not going to be the films you've made or what you've accomplished, it's the relationships you have.Of course, Bosworth went on to marry director Michael Polish in 2013, so she and Evans weren't meant to be.Of course, Bündchen is happily married these days to NFL star Tom Brady, but back in 2006, she was linked to Evans, albeit the rumor itself was seemingly brief because there's not much info about them out there.

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Of his many rumored flings, this one seems to be partially grounded in truth, especially since they were photographed together on dates numerous times.