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The flipside to this phenomenon is that famous people from overseas can be quickly embraced by New Zealanders if they visit regularly or for an extended period or claim an affinity with the country.” invite them to live here, then set them up for failure.Immigrants and refugees have a tough time settling in New Zealand, and it’s costing them – and us – dearly” “New Zealand has never been particularly welcoming to immigrants, but a National Business Review-Phillip Fox poll this month suggested that attitudes of ordinary New Zealanders to non-white immigrants are hardening.” “The requirements for immigration and the requirements for registration [as a teacher] are very different and it’s never been made explicit.This sometimes leads to famous people and innovations being identified as coming from both New Zealand and another country—such as the pop group Crowded House, the race horse Phar Lap and the actor Russell Crowe, all of whom have been associated with Australia and New Zealand.Because the measure of New Zealand success was often how well a person did internationally, anything from ‘Overseas’ is seen as holding more cultural capital than the local equivalent, regardless of its quality.“The people next door set the dog on the woman of the house and the children have been beaten up.” Everything you read on this site is genuine.We cite all our sources so people can judge the authenticity for themselves.

Kiwis are both shaped and limited by having to live that way. Just LIVING here occupies enough of their effort, so ok, it’s understandable (Google “culture of New Zealand”, “anti-intellectualism” if you think I am being a snob).

I will hunt that stuff down for this year in NZ if I haven’t been able to leave by winter. The difference is that back there, I lived this same way and was able to save money and get ahead by being frugal.

At home, I had a gas furnace (not a standalone heater) and my heating was, under a special distributive program where they spread the money out for winter heating to summer months so you don’t get these big lumps to pay in winter) about 80 a month USD (that’s about, what, 100 NZD? I could afford better food and I didn’t have to darn big holes in socks.

The poster also tells of how carefully ‘“I am so tired of Kiwis making a virtue of necessity.

They should be honest that THAT is what it is – making do on a cute remote island. Not an arcane “lifestyle” to be aspired to (cue: clink wineglass of Sauvignon Blanc, look out to blue water, flash impossibly white teeth at partner that you would never see on a Kiwi because most of them don’t do dental).

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This is linked with the idea of ‘kiwi ingenuity’ (see above), which supposes that all problems are better solved by seeing what works than by applying a theory.