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Free credits for can sites

Credit Karma has made transparency central to its business model: “The company was founded with the belief that consumers should have access to their data for free,” according to a spokesperson.“After all, it is data, and they’re judged by it in nearly every facet of their lives.” Another part of the mission is helping people understand their own financial health.

Credit Karma also provides free online tools and information to help you understand your score, with specific actions, based on your profile – say, reduce your credit utilization or improve your on-time payments – that you can take to improve it.

When Credit Karma pulls your credit reports, it can see how much you are currently paying for loans or credit card debt and can suggest credit cards, auto loans and insurance, personal loans or other banking products that would save you money – and for which someone with your credit score and history is likely to be approved.

“If you take advantage of that opportunity, we should make money, you should save money, and the bank should get a new customer,” is how Lin put it in a December 2014 Reddit Q&A.

“Scores were built for lenders and statisticians,” Credit Karma founder and CEO Ken Lin points out.

“Consumers were not the intended audience.” Credit Karma aims to demystify credit for the average person.

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Others give you basic functionality for free, but if you pay you unlock premium features.

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