Dating without a car Sex dating in boody illinois

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Dating without a car

It’s about being with you because I’m intent on getting to know you on a deeper level.

It’s about being with you because I believe you could be the one I spend the rest of my life with. Maybe somewhere down the road you find out that he or she wasn’t the one for you and you both part ways.

On any given night I will take a car out, pick up a few of the guys, and then we’ll go for a drive. Admittedly, these drives have no real sense of purpose aside from having all of us together in one place at one time, but if I’m honest with myself I’ll concede that they can certainly be immensely enjoyable.

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In dating you begin with the journey in mind and occasionally you might end up at the right destination.

In courtship you begin with the right destination in mind, and more often than not, you come to realize that there is also a wonderful journey in getting there.

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