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Graduates of the CM program are prepared to enter rewarding professions such as project managers, field operations engineers, construction estimators, and construction planners.The UH Digital Media program prepares technologically perceptive leaders for this multi-faceted and ever-changing profession.Students in this concentration will be taught theories and principles of corporate, nonprofit and organizational communication, will be provides basic knowledge and ethical considerations of the fields of public relations, advertising and corporate communication, as well as the fundamentals of business communication.The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology prepares students interested in manufacturing technology to apply fundamental principles of mechanical design and manufacturing processes to new and existing manufacturing systems.Build upon your BSN degree and become a leader by preparing for an advanced practice role as a Nurse Educator, Nurse Administrator, or as a Family Nurse Practioner.The Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering curriculum emphasizes connecting-the-dots between classroom lessons and their real-world applications through professional development and research opportunities The Executive Ed. in K-12 Professional Leadership prepares students for Professional and Administrative Leadership positions in a variety of settings.The Master’s Program in Administration and Supervision provides a strong foundation of knowledge, skills, real world experience, and innovative research to prepare students to be educational leaders.

The focus is on critical thinking, understanding theoretical foundations, developing instructional design strategies and using assessment techniques to measure program effectiveness, impact, and continuous quality improvement in diverse organizations.The degree fulfills requirements for the Texas Standard Principal Certificate.However, graduates also pursue positions across the educational community and in business settings.The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Mathematics Education produces educators in mathematics who are well versed in current research and theories about mathematics learning and teaching. D.) in Professional Leadership, with an emphasis in Literacy Education or Social Studies/Social Education, in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is an online 51-credit hour program providing research and applied skills for educators grappling with current issues in urban settings.A Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction - Reading and Language Arts and Literature Education provides the best possible preparation for careers as leaders in schools and child-related agencies such as hospitals, industry, and mental health.

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The Masters of Education in Counseling program prepares students for careers in professional counseling and school counseling as well as for future doctoral study.