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Dating pro 2016 null

Also most of the settings are stored in the aircraft but still look them over and after the update be sure nothing changed.Be sure to check the RTH "Return To If you have a sign after the old firmware it means it has loaded but must get confimed with DJI servers.Make sure you have WI- FI internet connection ( Like during FW download) **This is still Not entirely figured out .Just know you can fly like this and you are updated. I am talking with Tech assistance NOW April 7th to get answers.-Always update the aircraft first. For example on the Inspire 1 update 1.8 it must be done in this order to prevent problems with the landing gear.

You wont have much but sync if you want Be sure to save any flights you may want to keep .

Root directory is just a fancy name for " Make sure it is not in a file or folder " Make sure the BIN file is the only thing on the SD card.

-You can jump FROM 1.3 TO 1.6 or ** (1.8 ) BUT if you have any difficulty you must stair step from current firmware to get to the latest firmware.

When updating the Go App, does anything need to be synced or backed up first?

I only just received my P3P last week, so I have not flown it yet because I am finishing acquainting myself with it and performing all the necessary firmware updates.

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If you have not done the battery updates you can do so with 1.7 or 1.8 as well. When Formatting Success is in doubt FORMAT ON THE AIRCRAFT, go to camera settings on dji go app , open the tool icon , on bottom is Format SD card option.

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