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Dating moscwo ru

In fact, IPT are so keen for native speakers that they're offering a finder's fee for teachers who introduce other teachers whom they employ.Another company, , is having their freelancers (see section below) virtually dictate their own hourly rates, the demand is so strong.Teaching qualifications are pretty much mandatory in this area, but most important are a professional approach and the demonstrated ability to relate to the clients' business activities.The teaching is almost entirely at the clients' offices, and mostly involves early starts and late finishes (to accommodate the students' work schedules), with long breaks during the day.If you manage to survive the first 9-month contract though, a renewed contract can be somewhat more lucrative.Several teachers I know at BKC re-signed for another tour of duty this year (although several have since moved on to better-paid positions elsewhere).There seems to be a new entry to this market each month, and most of the language schools also offer this kind of teaching.Others have no classrooms at all, just an office in which to access books and administrative resources.

The questions you should ask yourself are, "How much do I really know about teaching?

Unless you're an executive for an oil, gas or construction company, or a professional at a large legal or accounting firm, getting a chance to work in Russia can be near impossible.

However, if you lack the access to fully-funded relocation and a large income with expense account, there is still a way to work here. Teaching English as a second or other language (TESOL), also known as TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), is well-known for its travelling advantages.

" and "How much do I really know about the English language?

" Sure, you can speak it well, but do you know a Present Perfect from a 2nd Conditional? English is the new "black" here in Russia (although black is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon).

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One such company, , began full-time operations in only March this year, and now has 9 contract employees and numerous freelancers, which represents incredibly rapid growth.

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