Dating game cia agent

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Dating game cia agent

Now you know why Joan Rivers had to be snuffed out fast, she blew lid off Mike Obama Tranny and Gay Bathouse Barry The idea that we live in a true democracy- is laughable.

The idea that our healthcare exists to do anything but keep disease healthy-is patently false.

Who would join a group who treats their own as nothing more than a commodity to be sacrificed and exploited. The first thing they do is have these ridiculous women come forward and call for his resignation. I agree completely without even watching the video. I knew that also with all this throwing their own under the bus their own that something was brewing to use against the people that will destroy their agenda and then they put their agenda on Time magazine persons of the year that as soon as a woman said you touched or attacked them your fired or you step down and mostly without investigating the accusations this like a lawn mower no one who it goes over is safe from getting cut.trump is attracted to little girls as well. He said Paris Hilton was a hot babe when she was 13 totally gross.somebody asking their secretary out two or three times, which is not good, but it's not the same thing, whereas how many secretaries end up getting married to their rich boss the implication in this statement is if you give them money it's ok i guess alex also implies that there are plenty of unmarried rich bosses, which is also not true.

Having to accept that your reputation and future can be destroyed in the service of a agenda that has no regard for humanity beyond its corruption, has to be demoralising. He said he became sexually attracted to Ivanka at the age of 13. please discourage married men using positions of power to bother women, take a lesson from democrats now and they sacrificed their own, which I don't believe, then they wasted their own for nothing.

Feldman only speaks on the issue by his own volition. As soon as the Harvey Weinstein thing blew up, I began to suspect that this was designed in some way to bring down Trump.

Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we're reaching millions help us reach millions more.The idea that the legacy media is doing anything but making a deliberate attempt to destroy America, so they can usher in corporate totalitarianism, is to believe the unbelievable.The idea the Americans and all Western countries citizens are brainwashed into loving their own slavery-couldn't be more evident.My case is similar and the cover ups are pre-meditated, they are wolves in sheep's clothing and chances are you know some and arent aware. They are already preparing the ground for Michelle in 2020 with all these fake campus rape epidemics like in the US and Australia and this Me Too stuff brought up by very questionable figures everywhere.In Japan the model had a book ready to sell, in Italy Asia Argento had a movie which is by the way Orwellian itself since in the movie that should describe the facts she says no to the harassment, so WTF is its meaning? It's about boosting the chanches of female democrats everywhere in the world with the ultimate goal of getting Mrs. Sounds like the CIA is setting up to stage a fake video with paid lookalikes to frame him.

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