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Absolutely Demo RATS will use this sexual assault bullshit in hopes Trump will step down & if he doesn't they'll use it as though they took the high road & forced their Demo PERVES to step dwn & Republicans didn't care enough to do the same. This is why both parties are trying to make sure Roy Moore doesn't get elected.

This is their grand hoorah, their last chance, the culmination.

My comment: I am not a fan of Newsmax, but they got this right.

This should be a wake up call for anyone thinking of selling out and joining the globalists.

Its happening, and these pedos seem to have a manual for persecuting the truthers and turning it around as harassment and lies etc. and at the same time Michelle Obama was moving through the X-Factor franchise in many nations, having multicultural crews dancing against women harassment in fron of a gigantic Michelle Obama picture.

They seem to be anywhere they can gain access to kids and beware they are master manipulators and the most devious and deceptive of our kind. I saw it live in Italy but it happened elsewhere as well.

This whole thing with Russia is just a farce, he said, adding: If we find out that that phony [Russian dossier] was brought to the U. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] in the form of an affidavit for a judge's authority, and if we find out that the people signing that affidavit in the bureau knew that that was phony information, that is a serious serious felony.

Genital cutting is the biggest violation of human rights of our time. Hearing Alex say so also makes me believe even more Obama says his 8yrs were clean because i had zero scandals .

He is talking about Clinton and Trump in that context before his statement.

The idea that mass consumerism is making us happy-is not born from reality.

The idea that the US military is protecting anything more than the international corporatocracy, leaving Americans out in the cold, is hilarious.

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Alex Jones breaks down how the democrats staged the Me Too movement as a means of bringing down President Trump in an avalanche of sexual assault accusations after sacrificing their own.

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