Dating database schema

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Dating database schema

Relationship design plays an important role in any social network designed to connect people.

In this post, the database design of the Friends Relationship is shown.

Are there any guidelines/tutorials for creating database schemas?

Solution: One great resource I found recently on the web that I recommend checking out is a really nice library of free database models. The library includes hundreds of sample database schemas for tons of topics – ranging from “Airline Reservations” to “Organizations and People” to “Car Servicing” to “Pizza Delivery”.

In fact, if you click the "Up One Level" link and take a look around, some of the other information might be quite useful as well.

My "top tip" is: Write it down on paper or in notepad, or anything other than a database, before you start writing code.

Get a good idea of what you need your schema to be able to do before you set it in stone (And by "set it in stone" I mean, realise that you've written a load of code against the schema that would have to be re-written if you change it to do what you've just realised you now need).

Designing Databases is a separate field of study and expertise. Since you are interested in tutorials, look at the section on Database Design in any text book on Database Management Systems.

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A sample schema for modeling “Clients and Fees” can be seen below: The next time you start creating a new database, I'd recommend checking out the library to garner a few thoughts on how to think about the topic-space, and how to structure the table schema.

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