Dating and sim college romance dating royal doulton vases

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Dating and sim college romance

Instead, every single non-gay woman in the game has some chance of being attracted to another woman. float calculate_attractiveness(Pawn me, Pawn them) { float attractiveness = 0.0; if(me.gender == male) { // Enforce sexual orientation for male pawns if(me.orientation == gay and them.gender == female) if(me.orientation == straight and them.gender == male) Notice that there’s only two possible orientations for men, gay or straight.In Rim World, there are no bisexual men, only gay or straight men; there are no straight women, only gay or bisexual women.She receives no penalty to her mood for being barraged by come-ons. They have a near-permanent mood and relationship penalty for Reed, because they keep asking her out, and keep getting rebuffed.

Things become interesting when the random chance of initiation comes in.

Reed’s having a bad day: her spaceship crashed, she’s one of three survivors, and the other two won’t stop hitting on her.

Unfortunately for her, she’s beautiful, which means that they’re immediately enamoured with her; unfortunately for them, she’s gay, which means the feeling is definitely not mutual.

Before going into gender-specific differences, let’s first look at some universal variables..

There are no straight women in Rim World, as in, there are no women only attracted to men.

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Lastly, we move on to the most complicated part of this, age-based attraction.