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He will also be placed on lifetime probation in Arizona after his release.

The court documents say both women passed out, then one awoke later to find the other woman being raped, and that she interrupted the assault and they both fled.

As part of his sentence, Sharper will also be required to pay a ,000 fine, serve three years of supervised release and undergo sex offender rehabilitation treatment.

He is also prohibited from consuming alcohol, visiting bars or Internet dating and must seek permission before traveling more than 50 miles from his residence following the end of his prison term.

on a Tuesday in September 2013 when sex crimes Detective Derrick Williams caught the call. Prosecutors were hesitant to move too quickly on a local football hero with deep pockets and savvy lawyers, according to two individuals with knowledge of the investigation. “If his name was John Brown, he would have been in jail,” one criminal justice official with knowledge of the case said.

This was a “heater”— police shorthand for a high profile case.

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