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To qualify, candidates must pass a physical fitness test, qualify with multiple firearms by shooting 90% or better in full tactical gear, and pass an oral interview process.

It is responsible for building and improving relationships, and coordinating activities with state, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement agencies and through public engagement.

HSI agents assigned to FIGs generally focus on Human Intelligence (HUMINT) collection.

International Operations, formerly known as the Office of International Affairs (OIA), is a subcomponent of HSI with agents stationed in 60 locations around the world.

HSI agents can be requested to provide security for VIPs, and also augment the U. Secret Service during overtaxed times such as special security events and elections.

HSI was formerly known as the ICE Office of Investigations (OI). HSI has more than 6,500 special agents, making it the largest investigative entity in the Department of Homeland Security and the second largest in the federal government.

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There is an estimate of about more than 20,000 ICE employees in approximately over 400 offices within the United States including 46 other countries.

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